My Covid Project – By @PugheScarlet

My Covid Project

Due to covid sending me back to kent, I wanted to set myself a project. Something I wouldn’t be able to do in London and something that would help improve my parents home. 

My house in kent is pretty old. Fun fact, the writer of Peter Pan, J.M barrie, was sitting in my garden when he came up with the concept for the lost boys, after watching the children that lived here play. But because it’s old it means there’s lots of history. History that I would love to uncover and bring back to life. So I’ve decided to start with the garden and more specifically the old vegetable patch. In these times where supermarkets are more empty than ever I thought it would be a great idea to start growing our own food. A few years ago I started a rhubarb patch that is now flourishing so I know I can do it. So here’s a little video for the before shots and stay tuned for the progress.

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