SCAB Forecast: Medium Dry, by @katyedelsten

Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten


SCAB Forecast: Medium Dry 

We have been set two briefs in a day, due the same day, with the same group. A double dose. 
We already have a another brief on the go, with another group, for a another deadline. 
Our commitments are already divided and our minds are already split between projects. 
It’s only week two day two!
All are briefs we want to devote our attention to, but in different groups our attention is divided before we even start. Thats pretty tough right? I’m already forgetting who I’m doing what with. We all made great plans which are looking harder to organise already. 
None of us are good at planning, none of us love to plan, none of us get a kick out of planning….We are not planners. Planning is not why we are here, not what we want to be doing. It’s absolutely not our thing. Planning may not be natural to us & it may not thrill us but it does reign us in. Planning might just be what gets us through and gets our ideas out of our brains and on the page. Talk about a buzz kill. 
Today the planning started. 
People started comparing notebooks and diaries and desk calendars (possibly just me). People started talking about pens and buying materials and how they keep on top of their workload. Everybody had the calendar app, and the drive app, and probably some more apps. Everyone <3’z Apps. Everyone relies on our weekly planner, we’re referring to it about 3 times an hour already. We’re going to be ruled by that planner so we might as well embrace it. 
In our groups we made plans, working out when we can find time in school to work, and when we can find time around school. How can we use our breaks and our lunches effectively? Its all about looking ahead in the calendar, looking around the calendar. Not just weekends and evenings, but mornings. Early early mornings. Might as well crack on with the early mornings now so it feels totally naturally in two months time right? We have to use the morning effectively, make sure we don’t start the day by wasting time. Making that currently vague 9 -9.30am period actually mean something. What about the 8 – 9.3am period? Let’s use that!
One thing that will really help us this year is working out when we can create time in our day that we haven’t used yet. Give ourselves a head start and make time work in our favour. We have to start using those apps and whatsapps to organise ourselves, to let us be as effective as possible when the small slots of real time pop up. So the boring stuff is done online, and the fun stuff can start as soon as we see each other. Less wandering around the studio aimlessly feeling like we should be doing something, more actually doing something. 
Marc says planning is important. He’s overlapping our briefs so that we learn to plan. So that we can become effective Creatives that actually hit deadlines, Creatives that smash deadlines. Judging by the Passion Project trickery we already suffered (especially me) he wants us to become Creatives that precede deadlines too. Creatives that turn work in before its even set. Creatives that predict problems. That’s certainly unexpected. 

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