It’s not like riding a bike

So, for our two-week portfolio brief, we were given the task of gaining and retaining subscriptions for either Huel, Oddbox, or Baked In. 

Now…Jess reinterpreted MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This to You Can Bake This for her Baked In case study.

Now…I don’t mean just a wee little chorus to whack in underneath, I mean the whole thing, the whole shabang, and it 👏 was 👏 sick 👏 so sick in fact that Marc wanted to us to get inspired. Go out. And make something.

So, what to make. What can I actually make? Not much to be honest. I can’t paint or make models or anything like that. I could write a poem? But I don’t wanna waste what little poem writing juice I have left before we had to create a masterpiece for Dianna on Wednesday.

So, what the fuck to do?

Well…I used to be a noisy boy. Making noises and that. With my mouth. And some pedals.


We’ll do that then.

So, time to get all the shit out again. Wow, there are waaayy more cables than I remember. And plugs and buttons and shit. Oh shit, the audio interface needs an update, how do I do that?! Perfect, that’s done, just need to plug it in. Oh, brilliant the new lappy doesn’t have a normal USB thingy ma bob. Better get one of those… RIGHT. Here we go, let’s get up all the previous vids and have a wee look-see at some of the beats and songs I did. Oh… perfect. They’re all on my old laptop, which is broken now… brill. Right! Let’s rack the ol’ noggin and see if I can remember any of it…wow. That sounds shit. Let’s give it another go, and another and another…


What did I learn, that I’m a complete cretin mainly.

But apart from that.

Some things aren’t like riding a bike.

Some things (most things) take practice, take loads of practice to hone and retain skill.

And then I remembered.

When I was working on my shows, I’d spend fucking hours, every day doing this! I sacked off work, cause it was shit, I sacked it off for weeks and just worked…loads.

So why the fuck did I think I could just whip it out and smash it on a whim.

Who knows.

Probs because I’m a cretin.

So… what was I saying?

Who cares.

But Marc was saying today at Town Hall about making your Pre-Occupation your Occupation and then your Occupation into your Vocation.

And that sounded really nice, I can’t wait.

What he didn’t say was that it was going to take a lot of fucking work, to put the hours in, putting in the hard yards and nailing it.

He probably didn’t have to say it. This is SCA after all, nothing is just gonna fall on your lap without putting in a good ‘ol shift.

So…time to put in the hours, make some more noisy boy stuff and get a vocation!

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