Salt & Pepper

Sustainable fashion. Blockchain technology. Yoni health. Having a wide spectrum of interests, which within one day can take me from sketching garment silhouettes, to trying to figure out how to buy a cryptocurrency before it arrives on a major exchange, and measuring out an array of dried herbs that promote healthy vaginas. 

How can these vast fields be useful beyond my minds’ ecosystem? I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that to be a top-tier agency in adland requires eclectic magpies. Creatives who can pull from their spectrum of interests and experiences to inform their persuasive work.

Those who are limited in inspiration and reference points will find themselves needing to ‘dot collect’ as Marc calls it. Visiting museums, trying out new technology, or getting arrested. These dots may currently be miniature, two-dimensional, and static but they could become interactive balloons manipulated by audio. Always think big.

Interpreting and repurposing that which absorbs you should never be limited to your viewpoint. It’s key that you speak the language of the target audience, who are presented in a good brief. Connect with their lifestyle, pain points, and motivations.

With my collection of dots as a 90’s baby, I see how gen z’s have a much more sustainable approach to conscious purchasing decisions, how decentralized finance aligns more with their ideals, and why holistic health is their love language. As Art Director Alex Taylor taught us in last week’s workshop ‘God is in the detail’. Some nuances should be addressed in speaking to someone on one spectrum of their twenties to the other. How would that be reflected in copy, color schemes, and choice of ad placement? 

My point is to use what you know and forget your assumptions. Research deep like you did your last crush, but go a little deeper (if that’s even possible). Your insights that are entangled with the brand’s objectives will lead to phenomenal work. 

As a creative, you are the eggs within the hands of an agency. Tap, tap, tap, and you’ll eventually release just what’s needed. Your magic is that you appear, again and again, sometimes runnier but often stronger.


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