I’ve learnt more than I’ve taught.

Alex Mecklenburg taught me to manage my energy, not time.

Rachel Osayame Ogbaretin taught me that silent listening is better than loud talking.

Ian Hands taught me to notice what others just see.

Chris Hill reminded me that great writing comes from writing. And crosswords.

Pete Cain taught me that the answer lies in the problem.

Ellie Daghlian taught me that doodling is as important as note taking.

Elisa Czerwenka taught me to stay hungry and lead by example.

Richard Russell taught me that if this is true…then this must be true…which means this is really true.

Uri Baruchin taught me strategy. With comedy.

Dan Burkitt taught me that it’s cool to be the quiet one stood in the corner and let your work do the talking.

Tom Flynn taught me the importance of asking for help. Daily.

Marc Lewis taught me reciprocity.

Alan Burles taught me to always carry a camera.

Patrick Collister taught me to share my passion for great advertising.

Graeme Hall taught me to do work that scares me.

Alex Taylor taught me Art Direction and how to turn a nail into a bookshelf.

Vikki Ross taught me giving is better than taking.

Tom Houser taught me to trust my gut.

Steve Harrison taught me one hundred ways to be better at advertising.

Aleksandra Atanasovski taught me to be resilient and passionate.

John McGloin taught me that an invisible dog ball toy can be more powerful than a 360 campaign.

Steve Henry taught me to do ideas that pose the question Can we really do this?.

Phil Le Brun taught me to not try and please everyone.

Paul Belford taught me to get angry.

Marcia Miller taught me how to share my screen in Zoom.

Rob MacGillivray taught me film and why the apple mac sounds the way it does.

Deanna Rodger taught me to find my voice and express it.

Dusty taught me how to scamp better and that it’s OK to still wear the same clothes you wore at Art School.

Graham Fink taught me to busk it if you want to make it.

Caroline Hampstead taught me to take great notes if you want to be a great writer.

Toufic Beyhum taught me personal work improves your professional work.

Mr. Cee taught me stand up and to stand for something.

Dave Dye taught me 30 hacks so I don’t become one.

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