Max Lom-Bor

By Max Lom-Bor




Will I leave an art director? 
Do I arrive an innovator?
Will I be a libertarian paternalist?
A choice architect or glorified journalist?
Can I be a Maven, Connector and a Presenter,
Can I persuade people to believe in better? 
Will I be a social butterfly with parasitic contagion? 
With a quick one liner for every occasion? 
Will I have a cage for my lions, a desk for my pencils?
Do these even count as valued credentials?
Is graphic design a thing of my past?
Will the book I make be my last?
Is there real genius in the digital age?
Or repetitive coding behind a home page? 
Can I nudge people in the right direction?
Can I maintain a creative erection?
Are automatic and reflective memories
Just natural impulses and snapchat stories?
Is a band aid solution a quick conclusion?
What makes work substantial?
So much confusion!
This world I’m entering seems all an illusion..
I just want to sit about and think of shit..

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