Limbo – By @KennyTNL

Kenny Meek

By Kenny Meek



So here I am sitting comfortably in a library, working on a logo and listening to Spotify’s attempt at a chilled out playlist – their idea of chilled being Girls Aloud… It’s two in the afternoon, I’m restless and there’s really only one word to describe my current status – Limbo.


See the thing is, I’m waiting. Waiting for my loan to be approved, for clients to pay me, for a nice room to become available in Brixton, for all sorts of things. There is no forwards or backwards right now, just standing still – waiting.


And what happens when I don’t wait and think about what I’m about to do? I begin to feel things, scary things.


Excitement, fear, dread and complete and utter panic. These are some of the emotions currently taking over my days and it’s all thanks to Marc and his lovely school. So cheers for that. See, within a few weeks I’ll be moving away from sunny Scotland to a city that – as a Scot – I’m programmed to fear. How will I get square sausage? Can I find Irn Bru? What if I want to catch up with Scottish telly? Do they even sell Tennents in London?!

I suppose I’ll get the answer to all these questions when I eventually move down, but in the meantime I’ll just have to wonder and wait… in Limbo.

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