Just Wait Here @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst

Warning: Do not visit the webpage yet, the project will be available in 2 weeks, hopefully.

During the Christmas break, I worked on a passion project, which wasn’t exactly one. I made a webpage and business cards for my dad because he founded a new company as a carpenter. Although it was fun to purely design again, it doesn’t really count as a passion project.

It was more of a favour, paying back all the effort my dad spent on me. Whether it was earning extra money to be able to send me to a design school or simple gesture like building a new bed or table. I felt the need to give something back. Maybe because it was Christmas. I don’t know.

After fighting for the right to found the company for a whole year, it was finally time to produce some stuff. I always had a rough plan what to do and how it should look. With a collection of pictures from previous years, it was pretty easy, to make something beautiful. But making it perfect still took some time, and fun was lost in pursuit of perfection. Although I (I’m yet to finish?) it, and he is more than happy. For those who wonder why the logo has 3 points instead of 2, the name surname Fürst means prince and the three dots look like a crown.

Although, that’s actually not what I want to talk about. Besides crafting, I watched a whole bunch of tutorials for Adobe Character Animator and pretty much fell in love with it, although I didn’t try it out properly. But I decided to learn it and make something. Still, the idea is missing.

Having the opportunity to work with Mem in term two also made me decide to finish a project I started during the summer. I wrote about this in a previous SCAB. There I named it “Just a moment”, sadly the domain is not available anymore, so it’s going to be “”. For those who didn’t read it, and are curious about it, I will give you a short summary: I made interviews with some friends and work colleagues about time. But we didn’t talk very much because I told them I that I forgot my question sheet downstairs and will be back in a minute. And I never returned. The material of bored people waiting in a room I’ve got is hilarious. Hopefully, other people are as amused as I am. On the webpage, I announced in the title of this SCAB; you can soon watch six videos of these interviews, make a guess who waits for the longest and who is the most impatient. This little game is actually rooted in the Epic Thrilling Sand Marble Race Tournament on youtube, have a look:

I hope it will get as many views as this one. With a little bit of luck, of course.

My message from this is, you never know where inspiration comes from, could be even the stupidest video on youtube.

And stay patient!

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