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By Manon Hede  

Until now, many different commercials have been created, denouncing clichés about what it’s like to do things « Like a Girl » and encourage girls to continue to play sports, to denounce sexist emojis, etc…The brand Always is committed to the women’s cause and has been running it’s Always campaign #LikeAGirl for about 2 years.

I would like to talk about the spot that came out last August, which this time tackles a creeping problem: The fear of failure, the paralyzing one.


This summer the clip Always contained an essential message:
“We really fail only when we don’t even try »,

In a study conducted by Always on American girls aged 16 to 24.

50% of them sometimes said that the fear of failure paralyzed them. (Here, I took the example of Always which is a brand for girls, but the boys are in the same boat about the fear of failing.)

But failure… It’s not a bad thing.

Failure is a springboard to success.

Always brand videos have always sent messages that I like, but this one especially because it’s the one I want to share:

Always try, because in reality what is at risk? Besides learning from our mistakes?

Of course, sometimes we fail, but we learn from failures that will enable us to succeed the next time.

In this video, Nwabisa repeats a text on this subject in front of her class.

While on the screen, images of girls who fail before they succeed are linked to each other.

(Sometimes in fencing, running, etc…) :

Nwabisa: « Failure. The thing everyone’s afraid of. But the thing we all experience. We have failed many things, we will fail many others. And that’s a good thing.

Because failures are not setbacks, they are a fuel. To continue to move forward, to grow, to continue to make progress for ourselves and for all of us.

So let’s keep failing, because we really fail only when we don’t even try. »

Remember every day that:

« No one’s really keeping track of how many times you screw up. So chill the fuck out. »

So yes, take the risk of failing, you have nothing to lose.


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