Keep writing your ideas down. By @13samuels

Sam Markham

By Sam Markham


Keep writing your ideas down.


This is some random thoughts that I wrote on the tube this morning. Someone should tell me to stop.

The rain had stopped and with it the colourful orchestra of sound began. Sunlight weaved through the molecules of water stranded , looking for a way out.
     His eye was fixed on a single drop elagently dancing with gravity. It pulled . It fell . And with it his mind let go.
You got to dig it to dig it, you dig?
Think lightly of your self deeply of the world.
The privilege of a life time is to be who you are.
Rat a tat tat
Some people ask what’s that
It’s not a question
It s a sound
Just like searching through lost and found
I was in a park , a deer park if you ve ever been
Looking for things that others have seen
But now siting sub way
Seemingly every day
Looking for ways out of this dark
Repetition squanders my mark
Just looking for ways outta the dark.
I got no idea
Brain washed.
Cold mail man,time is of the the Essence.
So you’re a sand castle
Build to be taken by the tides and
Everyone else is driftwood.

Anyway, it’s good to unload the mind. I have no idea if gets you anywhere but it does feel good.

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