What’s our biggest learning/regret/meal/whatever?


By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


Reflecting on this half term. What’s our biggest learning/regret/meal/whatever


Annie: Process – the only consistent way to have a creative outcome almost all the time.


Elin: Do things that makes you happy.


Nathan: Do interesting things and interesting things will happen to you.


Nick: Combine hard work and fun, the two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Marco: Allow your partner to enter his role and yourself to enter yours – it’s important to divide and conquer.


James: Spend less time looking at my partners ugly face. Get out more and do stuff rather than slugging it out at the desk.


Edwina: Do work that you love. Stop leaving  things to the last minute. Take faster decisions. Network.


Ashley: Don’t forget them dots.


Søren: follow your gut even more and do what you love and find funny..


Adam: get out of the studio as much as possible. It’s stressful in there.


Teddy: A job is the goal


Frazer: Just figured out how to do a chain match on Candy Crush


Michael: My biggest regret is not having enough fun. I quit my job last year because it wasn’t fun and I wanted to pursue my passion – creativity.


This half term has gotten serious, which makes it all the more important to have fun. I want my personality to show in my work. I don’t think it has yet.


I feel I’m back where I started. Fighting day-to-day to get to night-time when I can finally close my eyes and sleep. And that’s heartbreaking. It should never have come to this.


Rob: Do you.


Ed: My biggest learning is the power of a positive mental attitude. Nothing is grimpossible.

Tom EB: My biggest learning is how important it is to make the most of your time. I feel like we played catch up this whole term because we didn’t do enough of the things we should have last holiday. We wont make that mistake again.


Jacqui: Focus. For a while I thought the way I got easily distracted meant that I could always find something new, but it also meant I wasn’t digging properly and ended up wasting a lot of time.


Fiona: it’s not because you’re not the best that you are not good. Learn from your mistakes and keep on going.


Marcella: My biggest learning is managing time and have a plan. My life has become so much easier now that I’m organised.


Tom M: put more of yourself into your work. Stop worrying about ‘the brand’. People should know who you are by the cool shit you do.


Dounia: My biggest learning is to trust my gut. If you don’t believe in your idea, nobody will!


Pugh: Stop antagonizing the Hell out of people.

Joel: I lost my dots somewhere along this half term and I feel that shows in my thinking. I keep going blan………………….………k.

Eytan This half term I realised that not only do I need to structure myself into a balanced lifestyle, but I have to push to the tipping point to get the best results.


Alex M: Matt’s talk from byron sharp’s book has really altered my thinking. Now I always start from the mindset of the people I’m talking to, what really are the things on the shelf in front of them.


Jezza: Get a life. SCA is part of it. If you are telling yourself that you have to give 200% of yourself into this course, you’re wrong. You have to give everything to your life, SCA is just a part of it.


Lawrence: This. Always this.


Stephen: Keep it simple, respect your audience, put your personality in your book and never spend £2.40 in Costa Coffee for a flat white when you can order a double macchiato for £1.80, get a free top up of milk and end up with a more authentic alternative.


Duke: I’ve learned that the most important opinions you should listen to is that of your own, and your partner. Creativity is subjective and everyone will have a different view on your work. So what you need to ask yourself is do you want a book that’s a representation of you and your partner’s personality, or a schizophrenic book that’s a complication of random opinions?


Mads: Keep it simple.

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