Keep your eyes on the prize







By @AshJBibby


This week we all got a tease of the finish line, a sight of goal that we will work in our strike partnerships to score in. I was fortunate enough to visit two wonderfully different agencies in Wieden + Kennedy and Albion, two great agencies in their own right, and agencies that I would be chuffed to work for. I felt as though I had the golden ticket and boy was I going to go full Charlie and the chocolate factory on them by licking their walls and then maybe just maybe having a go in their glass elevators.


The touristy visits gave me a peak of what I was aiming for and the reason why I was at the school in the first place. Its all too easy to get rolled up in one brief and lose sight of where you want to be, the agency visits aligned that goal and helped put it all in perspective. That perspective is work fudging hard!


It also showed me that there is an agency out there for everyone, whatever your character, whatever work you want to do, whatever socks you like to wear, there is an agency out there for you. Which is not only great knowing there is somewhere out there which will welcome you with open arms, but also helps ease the pressure to not only find a partner, but also the pressure to change to fit what you might think agencies want.



The whole experience felt a lot like the great 80s gameshows, here I am into the final round, one final challenge ahead of me and out rolls my grand prize. The reason I came to this shoddy TV studio in Birmingham in the first place, an amazingly useless speedboat for my non existent garage or private lake. Hopefully I will conquer the challenge and claim my prize (a job in ad land and not a useless speedboat) and hopefully not look back on the whole experience with the feeling of… This is what you could have won.


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