Knackered – By @lemacadesyeux

Zac Mehdid

By Zac Mehdid





I’m on my way back home, sitting on the upper deck of a lovely British double decker.
I’m listening to some good Iranian jazz music, knackered.
Today was a good day. Loads of things to do, but not much stress to be honest. The past month, there’s been lots of unnecessary stress ruining my ideas and my work. But today, last day before we hand out the last portfolio brief of 2015, it was amazing. I felt so alive. There was no break, but at no point did it feel too much. It was perfect. I’m exhausted, and it feels awesome.
Next year will have way more of these intense, knackering days, and I truly look forward to them. I’ll just have to handle them with nothing but fun. Stress free.
P.S: There’s no need to say that I also really look forward to these holidays, so I can finally get some fresh air – far from my daily ‘school-home-occasional dot collecting’ routine. I’ll focus on my passion project, some SMPs (many SMPs) and more dot collecting. Oh yeah, and FOOD! God do I miss good food. (By that I mean no more poor student meals)
I wish y’all amazing holidays and some rest, y’all deserve it.
(P.S 2: Just learnt knackered the other day. Love this word)

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