Knock-knock Lauren. By @laurenpeters123

Lauren Peters

By Lauren Peters


Knock-knock Lauren.

Ah I love a good joke. Who`s there?

Great question.


Great question.

Oh er, great question who?

Great question for you.

Okay um… what is?

Why are you acting so… `ya-know`?

Same reason you are I guess. Why?

I just think there`s a strong chance people are wondering where this is going, that`s all.

Oh right. Well… yeah, I`m happy to answer that question. You should probably just go ahead and ask it.

Alright then I will.


Hey Lauren?

Yeah, what is it?

Why are you acting so… `ya-know`?

Oh it`s nothing. It`s just… well I`m moving house tomorrow and need to find a way to pick up the furniture I found for cheap on Gumtree and then I`m going to Shambala for a few days but said I`d read some words and maybe write some more and also try and learn software I don`t own and transform the caravan I spontaneously bought on eBay into a mobile GP surgery for refugees and transport it to Greece somehow and also pay for it and the course which I`m about to start and oh yeah I`m about to start a new course – yeah a course not a job, but I will get a job at some point, probably… but first I need to finish all the other stuff and a couple of commissions I agreed to do before I even knew about the course and oh it`s my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary coming up so I should organise something for that really and…ya-know?

Good question.


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