Meeting with an old friend. By @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale


Meeting with an old friend.

After reading everyone’s scab, you’re probably aware that one of our assignments for the holidays was to end the year without regrets.

And one of our options to do so was to call a friend we haven’t talked to for ages.

I went back home for Christmas and there, I met with Marie-Ange.

Marie-Ange is my oldest friend.

She lives in the house at the end of Chemin Perdu.

We met a few days after I was born.

She was 3 years old.

If my Mum told me right, she was the first person who wasn’t from my family to hold me.

Which to me, made her the first member of the family I would later choose myself.

So I met Marie-Ange when I went back home.

But we didn’t meet because of the assignment.

We actually have the same ritual every Christmas.

We don’t talk much for the rest of the year.

We’ve both got our own lives and those lives are filled and full fast.

This year was harder for us to meet.

We both live far from our own family.

So when Christmas comes, family comes first.

Which in a weird way, makes little to no sense to me.

I chose a family myself, why do I make it come second?

This year, we both were growing back from our ashes.

She had no idea I had a hard past year.

And I had none she had a hard one too.

It made our heart sore to know we weren’t there for each other.

But it hurt more to know we didn’t think about picking up the phone.

After getting a bit emotional, we both started laughing.

I wish I could tell you why.

But that’s the beautiful thing about our friendship:

We only need each other to cheer-up. 

This scab isn’t going anywhere in particular.

I was supposed to end my year without any regret.

Meeting again with my oldest friend did more than this.

Let’s not wait until next year this time Marie-Ange.

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