Riding a bike. By @blazve

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak


Riding a bike.


I started writing this scab a while ago, saying how awesome, on one hand, and intimidating on the other hand, meeting inspiring people from the agency showing you all the great work they’ve done in the past is. Why intimidating? Because I found myself asking, how am I supposed to beat level of such greatness? How am I supposed to put myself on the map of history of advertising? Can any band beat the greatness of the Beatles?

Anyway, that’s what I was going to write.

But this morning I changed my mind. Saying, that he is going to be an asshole for next couple of minutes, Marc explained how we could and we should do more of ourselves. Take more care about our personal health by meditating at least 3 times a day, training our mindfulness and nurturing our relationships. How we should seek for more briefs, scamp on daily basis and everyday write at least few SMPs. “It’s like riding a bike,” he said and explained how in order to learn how to ride a bike you should start practising with training wheels. He showed us how last years intakes practised on daily basis and this kind of practise helped them build portfolio and career they wanted.

Last few weeks were for me (and I guess for some others intakes) the period of asking myself about being someone who doesn’t belong here and one who totally lost it (sense of working in advertising) and frustrating myself for not being the best.

How stupid we are. We came to school and thought that we will be riding a bicycle without training wheels or riding one without hands. We thought that we will be doing stunts with crazy BMX bike and that SCA is just a good place to do that kind of things. Yep, really stupid and massive egos.

Now it all makes sense. In the first month we started exploring our bike just by looking at it and we adjusted our seat so it fits us. With the time Marc helped us attach training wheels and now it’s our turn to ride around.

Marc also set us a big goal we have to beat this year: be better than previous intake. Since it has been a very successful one it seems like a hard thing to pull off.

But we got this! We are going to ride our way through the year. I’m sure we will fall several times we will try to ride without training wheel but eventually we will know how to ride a bike.

And than we will improve our skills.

We will start practising bike without hands and eventually ride our bikes without hands on the D&AD awards ceremony and leave with bag full of pencils.

And than we will practice all the other crazy stunts.

Covered in bruises, we will amuse ones that will come to our crazy extreme BMX show and they will offer us a training. Thrilled by the honour of being picked, we will accept it.

And then we will be faced with a new challenge: a monocycle.

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