KRAK’s Term 2 Playlist – By @now_pictured

By Ivan Stanojevic

KRAK’s Term 2 Playlist


I did a playlist before the first term started, so I thought it was only appropriate to do one for the second one as well. This one will be reflective of what we learned in the previous term as well as dealing with themes I think we’ll encounter in the next few months. 


  1. Northern Star – Mel C

We spent a lot of term 1 talking about an SMP being our guiding northern star when it comes to coming up with campaigns. It seems only fitting that this kicks off the playlist.  

  1. Foundations – Kate Nash

The importance of building a campaign on a solid foundation is undeniable. A tight strategy is KEY!

  1. I Try – Macy Gray

After coming up with an interesting SMP and strategy you are then left with the task of actually scamping and coming up with poster ideas etc. This song represents those times of trying and stumbling while scamping.

  1. Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall

Marc keeps saying everything is a process. It seems hard to believe when you are struggling, but if you keep at it, you get to a breakthrough which feels amazing. Suddenly you see – a good campaign. 

  1. Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

Term 1 was fun, but there’s no denying there were trying times. Stress. Missing partners. Questioning your strategy and campaign hours before deadline. Even the people who came in feeling super confident got brought down a few levels. A lot of people felt insecure and TORN about their work and competence.

  1. One of Us – Joan Osborne

Marc keeps repeating how he’s no god, but If God had a name it would be Marc. There’s no denying it there would be no SCA without him – the creator. However, we cannot forget the fact that Marc actually is ONE of us!

  1. Look at Me – Geri Halliwell

We ended the year with a hard task – choosing our permanent partners for the upcoming year. Who do we want to spend the majority of our work time with and potentially partner with forever? It’s hard, which is why it was great if you attracted your potential partner-mates in term 1. 

  1. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

After a relaxing Christmas break of seeing your friends, sleeping till 12 and doing pretty much nothing (except for scamping up three brilliant campaigns of course!) it was time to go back. For many it was an exciting time, but for some – it was going back to black!

  1. Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer

One of the most exciting things about term 2 starting was actually getting to work with your new partner. And what song better describes the feelings of young love and a relationship in its honeymoon phase more than this one? 

  1. Complicated – Avril Lavigne

But since nothing in life lasts forever, there will come a time when you think, HM, I don’t think this partnership is working. Figuring out if you should break up or not will be a hard and weird time for you and your partner.

  1. Don’t Speak – No Doubt

Undoubtedly, there will come a time when some teams begin breaking up. I imagine it being an uncomfortable situation which will probably end up with someone’s feelings unavoidably getting hurt. And is there a better break up song than the one mentioned? I think not!

  1. Don’t Say You Love Me – M2M

An important aspect of the second term is starting going on book crits. This song is dedicated to our future mentors with whom we’ll try and build lasting relationships. In the beginning it’s going to be important for them to be completely honest with us and give us some time to develop our work based on their feedback. 


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