Squad Goals – By @gnomeegnome

Naomi Taylor

By Naomi Taylor


Squad Goals


What makes a team, a crew, a workforce? I wasn’t so sure until I watched Suicide Squad.

Sit me in front of a documentary or film based on a true story and I’m glued, but a superhero/ supervillain film and I’m out… usually. 

Being able to spend quality time with friends over the Christmas break gave me plenty of time to lavish in all things real, so when a friend wanted to watch Suicide Squad I agreed, maybe due to the third glass of wine in my hand, but still.

For a moment lets forget that these fictional characters who wield weapons of mass destruction are super powered. Lets look at their deeper qualities and how they could fit in within the advertising world, or how I would love to work alongside a team with similar characteristics.

Deadshot — Planner

Focused whilst never missing a trick. He is humble, has the eye for perfection enabling him to hit every target with true precision.

Harley Quinn — Art Director

She is bat shit crazy and highly unpredictable. An art director like this may be a pain but wow, they could produce some amazing work. Her crazy attitude and style would provoke some mind numbingly fresh ads, which would leave everyone wanting more. Strategic mess.

The Joker — Proposition

One minute you have a proposition you think is gold, the next it turns to dust. You never know whether to laugh or cry with this one. 

Enchantress — Brief

Deadly and difficult whilst in battle with her, but can be beautiful nonetheless. 

Katana — Client

Unpredictable but can usually be relied on. A love/ hate relationship. They know what they want whether you agree or not.

Killer Croc — Audience

Hard to please but when you manage to create a relationship with them, they tend to stay loyal to you, well for the most part. 

Captain Boomerang — Designer

He is Australian. Australian designers are pretty cool. Generally under-appreciated for the work done but always pulls it off.

El Diablo — Copywriter

Just look at his tattoos.

Rick Flag – Creative Director

The leader, sees the good in everyone and knows their teams capabilities. Does not judge others on their past, only on what they can achieve in the present and future.

*my opinion of the perfect team

A good team consists of a variety of characters — the crazy, the humble, the muscle and the pain in the rears which reminds me a greatly of my fellow penguins who waddle by my side at SCA. They all have their positive and negative attributes, but that is what makes us human. We need that balance of characteristics in order to produce great work and achieve great things. I know that if we were all the same, we wouldn’t get on as well as we do. We are a family and going through SCA together will bond us for life. 

Love y’all.

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