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Today was our second day at SCA and it honestly feels like I’ve been there a week or two. Days haven’t been long in hours, but in energy and information, it’s been a lot! At the end of today, we had our first group reflection and I didn’t say anything. I can make the excuse that I wasn’t called on to say something but even when it was opened up to the floor I still kept my mouth closed. I could beat myself up about how I’ve already fallen into the trap of not contributing my opinion in the fear of being judged, especially as the whole point of today was to combat this, but instead I’m going to note everything I have learnt from the last couple of days here, and then at least it’s out there in some form.

So far I’ve learned:
– The first day wasn’t as scary as I thought. I imagined we would be asked to do some crazy ice breaker tasks to get to know each other, whilst at the same time showing off our creative and quirky personalities. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and it was much more of a gradual, traditional welcome.
– It’s ok to be wrong, a lesson from today. I’m very protective and harsh on my ideas, even if I’m the only one who will see them, which obviously stunts my progress on a project. My notebook from now on shall be my happy place, where I can make as many stupid notes, or write nonsensical ideas as I want with the peace of mind that they’re just starting points.
– I’m going to have to learn how to speak up. Technically this is not a lesson learned, but a reminder to myself to really focus on this. Otherwise, I fear it will become a major issue. Best to confront in early on.
– Hard work beats talent. Marc quoted this a number of times, and it has made me feel more confident. I can’t control any core natural talent I may possess, but I can control how hard I work, and it seems I am a control freak.
– I’m going to cry this year. To be honest, I probably knew this one long before starting at SCA. Pressure plus lack of sleep will often send me off the edge, so it doesn’t take a genius to see I will shed tears this year. I just need to be ready and give myself a couple of minutes out when needed.
– I’ve got a great support network at the SCA if I ever need it. Having this safety net is really comforting, even if I never need it, the thought that it is there shows the kind of school I’m attending.
– I’m really excited to get properly started on briefs and meeting mentors. From everything I’ve heard from Marc and the other tutors, plus google, we’ve got some great speakers lined up and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.
– Bring layers, the studio can get chilly.

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