Lessons from PB5, by @zochi9

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By Zoe Jezeph


It’s so easy to be consumed by a brief. You end up focusing all of your attention on something that you eventually begin to resent. Along the way, an original idea becomes morphed into something that doesn’t even make sense anymore. It’s not a great feeling; especially when it’s a Sunday afternoon and the hours of hard work spent on photoshopped scamps for PB5 are suddenly scrapped. 


It had to be done. 


To be honest, I preferred the very first idea we had for Always. A lot of mentors weren’t so keen. It’s a subject that’s usually avoided or tiptoed around, which made me feel even more determined about doing it. At times I felt like i was fighting an inner battle within myself. Did it have the right tone of voice? Would it actually run as a campaign? The answer was no. In reality, it would probably never be used. 


Despite this, something still felt right. It was unexpected, shocking and sticky. Most importantly, it made us laugh and was fun to create. I was happy to take the risk and push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable. Eventually you’re going to upset and offend a few people before they begin to see it from a different perspective. 


Now is the best time to see how far we can stretch the limits and maybe even break some of them. We’re also in the best environment to fail. So why not? Failure is a part of success. 


If you’re going to fail… fail spectacularly. 

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