‘Too Late/Time for’ by @monaonthemoon


By Mona Sharif

Last Tuesday, we had a great masterclass by the passionate and passionating Rory Sutherland, bringing a lot of insights.


One of these human truths that stuck to my mind was about the fear of regret. So I did some research about it and found a lot of different points of view and quotes I totally recognised myself in and other ones I totally disagreed with.


The fear of regret or ‘Regret Theory’ is a theory that proposes that when facing a decision, individuals might anticipate regret and thus incorporate in their choice their desire to eliminate or reduce this possibility.


Sometimes we’re so afraid to regret that we end up holding ourselves back.


One of the only quotes I found really accurate to how I’m feeling right now, 30 days ahead portfolio day is: ’In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.’


I believe it’s too late to fear.


Too late to fear regret, to be scared of failing, to be hesitating, to be afraid to ask. Too late to stay safe and have an okay portfolio.


It’s time to scare myself every day. Push myself to the limits. Go to the edges to see how far I can go.


I think I gave myself 100% this week. And it felt so good to work hard; To come back home knackered but with the feeling that I have done a good job; To work with the mentors, especially Alex Taylor (thank you so much!!!).


But 100% is not enough.


I can do better and I will!


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