Last Cigarette, by @AroundSkadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini


Last Cigarette

The day has come. The last breaths of freedom has arrived.  Today, the 7th September, every one of us, future stars of Advertising (we have to say to make it happen) we are breathing our last moments of freedom. I think, today, a lot of us are feeling really excited for tomorrow and for the year to come.  We’re excited to start but we are also probably a bit scared about this year. The expectations are high, our predecessors have done an amazing job and outshone every other school. And whilst the late nights and sacrifices I’m sure will be plenty; this is the road we chose, not the easy one, but the hard one. And we will face it everyday showing our valour, learning new things and transforming our passion into a business.

I’ve decided to spend this last day of freedom relaxing and drinking some beers. Clearing my mind and preparing it for tomorrow mornings reawakening at school.

Guys let’s enjoy our last day of freedom and cheers for the upcoming year, I
hope the best for everyone and see you tomorrow 😃

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