Last Minute-aholic: Return of the Deadline







By @AshJBibby


Before the start of the course I wrote a SCAB where I admitted my failures and said I was going to change my terrible last minute behaviour. This week after doing so well and getting a good month under my belt I have failed myself. We were set an optional extra 1 week brief and I am ashamed to admit I left it until the last minute. Having had Monday till Friday to work on the brief I didn’t do as much as I would have liked. Perhaps the excuse that it was an optional extra brief or that I was busy with other things could work but I’m still not buying it. I sadly left the large bulk of the work to do at the weekend, when we also unfortunately had two different briefs to work on at the same time. 

So as you can imagine the piece of work I produced was no where near the standard I would have liked, and not only did it effect that brief but also the work on the other two briefs as well. Plus with briefs coming thick and fast, getting behind on one then means you will end up spending weeks trying to get back on track again which is never fun.

But do not fear everybody I have come up with an ingenious and fool proof technique that will put everyones last minute problems behind them.* This amazing life saving technique is…


This is a super simple technique that anyone can pick up and all you have to do is quite simply half the deadline. So in my case where I had a whole week to do the work I would move the deadline to midday on Thursday. This way ensuring that I not only start the brief early but also produce some work that I can then build upon for the rest of the actual deadline. Or if its a bit well, crap, scrap it and you will still have enough time start all over again. And for example if you get set a 2 day brief, get your head down and try to get the bulk of the work done on the first day, even if that means a late night. Then the next day all you need to do is stay chilled and refine the greatness or come up with even more greatness that you would have no doubt produced with this amazing technique.** Then the next day you wont be running around like a headless chicken similar to everybody else trying to meet the deadline.

If anyone wants to hear more about this fantastic technique or would like a masterclass my fees are competitive.

*The technique is still yet to be tested so results me vary. 

**In no way do I promise great work and any bad work that is created using this technique I am not responsible for.

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