Plant a Tree, by @SW16_Moriarty

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By James Morgan


Plant a Tree


At the beginning of the year I decided that for every reflection slide I would try a new Photoshop technique, building up a catalogue of skills over the year.

For the first one, I played around with opacity levels and grainy effects.

For my second, I made a sin city style portrait of Mark Fairbanks, a bit of a hero of mine. I was quite proud of this one, and at the time had plans to make my entire book read as a graphic novel.

For my third I put up a stock image with some words thrown over the top.

For my fourth I didn’t even bother with the words.

Arguably, my reflections themselves didn’t deteriorate and I was still able to think back on my week each time, but I didn’t end the year the king of adobe I’d planned on being.

Throughout the year there have been numerous other opportunities to improve my skills and learn new abilities, and some of them I have taken advantage of, and some of them I haven’t.

On Friday this point was further hammered home when Marc showed off an amazing project made by a student joining the school next year, a project which it was clear anyone in the room would have loved to have in their book. Partly because of how simple and brilliant it was, but partly because it had been made, it wasn’t just a vague concept but a physical, tangible piece of work. Opportunity taken.

I always wanted to learn animation and coding, to perform at a slam poetry night, write a short film, gain 10 kg (the good kind) and start a cooking blog. Opportunities missed.

But at the same time I did write a pub based creative techniques book, buy a bear coat, start dating a Swedish girl and rap in a music video. Opportunities taken.

In fact I could probably look back over my entire time at SCA as a collection of opportunities taken and opportunities missed, some significant and others less so. I don’t regret any of the opportunities I have taken, and some have significantly helped to get me where I am right now, but there are those I absolutely regret not making the most of.

Come July 9th, our time at SCA will be over, and some may be haunted by opportunities missed over the last 10 months, but it is important to remember that it is never too late. I can still learn how to code and hopefully I’ll one day add a second post to Four Hungry Bastards.

To repeat a quote I mentioned before the weekend, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

Never stop hustling.

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