Things To Unlearn To Be A Better Creative, by@JezzaFonteneau

Jérémy Fonteneau









By Jeremy Fonteneau


  • If you went to Uni, everything you’ve learnt there
  • There is no « right time to wake up », find your moment
  • And don’t stick with it
  • Football is allowed inside, same about skateboarding
  • Drugs are not helping, especially if you need it
  • Making stuff is better than being right on time
  • Asking why is not being a child
  • Being effective doesn’t mean to be right every time, but being right at the end
  • Listening is more effective than reading
  • Thanking people for their talk/chat/advice/joke is worth the smile
  • Playing funky music on monday morning to wake up the crowd is not only acceptable but recommended
  • Yes, your morning story about how you talked to this guy is more interesting than economics. Stories are everything.
  • But try to avoid the boring details please. We don’t care if he was wearing a white shirt…
  • Sleeping can solve your problem, and not just one at a time
  • Your brain is not better during the night, it’s just you preferring to stay up later to watch the last Walking Dead episode
  • Forget the Bourbon, you are not Don Draper
  • Google is not your friend, especially after lunch (same with youtube and porn movies)
  • Your laptop doesn’t know everything, it knows nothing (like John Snow)
  • Facebook is THE danger, like Heinsenberg
  • TV Shows are not the most interesting thing on earth, even if it’s really, really, really good
  • The right creative spot is not on your sofa. Nothing in front of a TV either
  • Having a fight can be interesting, especially if you are in a team
  • A homeless can be helpful if you dare. And I’m not talking about pennies
  • Know really well your brain 1st, you will know the other ones easily
  • You can’t be creative all day long, find your time, and take advantage of it
  • Kill your ideas 10 times a day
  • Build them again
  • Age but don’t grown up
  • Go to the pub as often as you can
  • You don’t need to work. You absolutely need to have fun. You are never competing with others since you are enjoying it
  • What’s the most powerful between a question and the answer?
  • It’s a good thing to be sticky (don’t take it personally Larry)
  • You are allowed to talk about sex but you don’t have to show what you have in mind
  • Play hard
  • Failing is more important than winning
  • Both of them are part of the process, but winning is not helping, except for your ego
  • Telling the truth is still important, except if your story is better
  • Stories are everything. Again
  • Stop learning only what you used to learn, go for a cinema, architecture, russian, mechanics, kama sutra…
  • There is no right way to go, there are just experiences to learn
  • Porn can also be a successful experience, apparently…
  • Trying is the most interesting thing on earth, and everyone can do it
  • Work with your heart, play with your brain, pitch with your guts, and get some balls. It can help.

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