Single purpose of advertising. By @Arthur_Art_Dir

Arthur Harry

By Arthur Harry



Single purpose of advertising.


Most of my friends see my choice, to go down the advertising path, as an unhealthy one.


They see creatives as the Devil’s advocate and the cause of our society’s growing ignorance, obesity and lack of curiosity.


They perceive it as the most mind-numbing way to communicate an idea, almost like propaganda serving big corporations.


Essentially they see me as a future professional liar and “mind fucker”.


I wish they were here today listening to Mr Souter sharing the knowledge. This maestro of creativeness addressed their concerns in the very first minutes.


He gave us a warm welcome, in socks as a matter of fact, and straight away set the tone.


It felt like we were in his living room and he was telling us a story. His vision of honest communication arts.


‘Laugh, cry and think’ are the reactions, he believes, a creative should get from his audience. Ultimately we should create emotions to help people make a choice.


By bringing our personality in our work, we need to challenge the audience and not just portray the obvious parameters of a product.


The idea is to sell a truth that will resonate in people’s minds and hearts.


Sorry guys but I still think I chose the right path.



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