SCABs – By @bellwoodart

By Elle Bellwood 


Stuck for Christmas present ideas? I am here to help you! Here is a list of shops and what you might want to look for in them. 

  1. Great for Mum’s and Grandma’s. 2. In doubt, buy a candle. 3. ££ 

  1. For the sentimental type. 2. Get initial’s engraved onto jewellery. 3. ££ 

  1. For fellas in the dog house. 2. If you are going to buy a ring make sure it’s the right size! 3. £££ 

  1. No for clothes but beauty! They sell amazing brands plus you can get a student discount on it. 2. Great gift inspiration. 3. ££ 

  1. Head down to your local charity shops and find some hidden gems. 2. Charity and cheap! 3. £ 

  1. For a bestfriend or partner. 2. Book an event to look forward to! 3. £££ 

  1. I always buy voucher for my Dad and I to go for dinner. 2. Win-win because it’s basically a treat for yourself. 3. ££-£££ 

  1. Frame some photos! 2. Make your grandparents cry. 3. £ 

  1. Who doesn’t love a chilly bottle? 2. The 750ml size fits in a whole bottle of wine. 3. ££ 

  1. Fab for boyfriends. 2, Buy him some slides! Always useful. 3. ££ 

  1. For those who love skin care. 2. Try the ‘Ultra’ range. 3. ££ 

  1. Does your Dad’s support a team? 2. Buy them some merchandise. 3. ££ 

  1. We all need basic top ups. 2. Do them a mini primark haul. 3. £ 

Hope these helped! 

Bellwood x 

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