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Matt Butler

By Matt Butler



Now is the time we build. Build our portfolios, build our knowledge, build confidence. But all of that largely weighs on making sure we bring our identity to our work – which comes with knowing who we are right now and the type of work we want to make.

Marc has talked to us about the late, great David Bowie in both of the town halls this week. David wasn’t just a musician, he was a constantly curious creative. Always thinking about and exploring different strands of the world, from art to philosophy to fashion to architecture…and thought about not only what they are, but what they meant to him. 

In the past past few months I’ve been trying to collect dots (influences) from different places -finding a means of storing them them so I can come back and use them later. I’ve been reminding myself to do things differently; finding out about different cultures, watching films I wouldn’t tend to watch, listen to music I wouldn’t tend to listen to… All of that has been helpful in expanding my knowledge of the world and myself but so far I don’t think it’s enough.

I need to reflect on what each of these experiences mean to me and how that value can be translated into something tangible in the things I create.

Bowie’s explorations allowed him to evolve into a greater versions of himself, as we saw with his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. He collated at of his influences and combined them to form something new. But at the heart of what he did, even after continuously reinventing himself, he was still quintessentially David, and that’s important to remember. That no matter what we’re working on, or what directions we take our work in, we need to remember to be ourselves because that’s the only thing that will give our work life and purpose.

I’d like to see more of how my work would change when it’s hit with a specific side of my personality. Brian Eno would give the musicians in Bowie’s band, completely different personas to take on when they played. And when sounds came together it formed something more dynamic and strangely captivating. As long as it’s honest, I think good work turns great when you see the person’s personality nestled within it. 

Being fearless and experimental this week is working pretty well so far, especially when it comes to exploring our ideas. This week Ben and I went back to the drawing board and found new routes that we hadn’t even considered before. Remembering to not be precious and to seek out things that turn you on is so important. Then you can play around with them and produce something that’ll turn into stardust.

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