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Jacob de Figueiredo

By Jacob de Figueiredo



We’ve learned a number of life changing tools over the last 5 days at SCA (I still can’t believe it’s already been 5 days) ranging from concrete time management techniques, to ways of opening the mind and clearing out all of the clutter to make way for creative thinking, but there a couple of things that truly hit home for m, the first being the concept of how we receive knowledge. Marc taught us that knowledge is either:

1)   Gained through personal experience

2)   Received from external sources

It’s reassuring to know that this concept is a bit part of our learning process, as I’ve always been a big believer of life being all about experiences, good or bad, it’s character building and you never know when those experiences are going to benefit you later in life. Have you ever spoken to someone who has had little to no exciting or unique experiences? It’s boring. I’ve had more interesting conversation with my 11 year old sister about why she isn’t talking to Emily from year 7 anymore because she found out that Emily had a 15 Snapchat streak with Charlie when Emily knew she liked Charlie but little does Emily know that she more Instagram follows than her and Charlie doesn’t even follow Emily anymore the stupid cow.


There’s one concept that, for me, triumphs over most of the amazing lessons I’ve learned this past week and that’s my passion and burning desire to do what I love as a job.  To see my work change peoples perspectives, maybe shed a few tears, maybe squeeze out a few chuckles from weary eyed X Factor viewers who can’t be assed to switch the channel when the ad breaks start (future dream). Maybe, make some stuff that people are actually GLAD exists in the world; instead of stuff they actively avoid watching. 

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