Have you ever tried to count stars? By @anamal91

Anam Kibria

By Anam Kibria


Have you ever tried to count stars?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had this growing feeling. It started in the summer, a faint glimmer of something, barely noticeable, subsiding quietly in the depths of my being. Now, it shouts and screams and bounces around inside me like Flubber. Somedays it is so overwhelming I can’t breathe and I can’t tell whether I want to laugh or cry.

The feeling is so great I can’t even begin to sum it up in one word. But if I was to try, it would definitely be a hybrid of grateful, blessed, fortunate, privileged and just unbelievably lucky. If there is a word that succinctly sums up all of these then please let me know.

Everyday, we are given opportunities to meet, interact and be groomed by the very finest mentors of the industry. Everything that they say is just pure gold and

Everyday, we are given briefs that are just the most inspiring ever. They push us and challenge us in the most unbelievable ways.

Everyday, we have the chance to build, grow and promote a product that is right at the forefront of changing the world we live in. We are living that journey firsthand.

Everyday, I work with some of the brightest, coolest and definitely most talented people I have ever met. I am constantly inspired by their energy and enthusiasm.

I can already tell that my thinking is changing, the way I see the world has changed and the way that I work is definitely becoming faster, more streamlined.

I’ve heard that some people think that SCA students act entitled, but I am sure that none of us would ever do it on purpose. We are thimbles in relation to the opportunities that what we are exposed to. It is impossible to even begin to comprehend how unbelievably lucky we are.

We are told every morning and every night to record three things we are grateful for. I don’t know how or where to begin, and how to end. It is the same as trying to count stars on a clear night in the countryside. This journey definitely feels like going on a wild trip into outer space.

This week we’ve been asked to reflect on our best day at SCA. I don’t know how I’m going to choose one day, because everyday I come home feeling like that day was definitely the best day ever.

Thank you Marc, for resurrecting SCA and offering the opportunity of a lifetime.

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