Let’s come together – By @DrewDavies94

Drew Davies

By Drew Davies


Let’s come together

Some claim coming up with ideas is like…well…coming.

They say that the ‘eureka moment’ is better than the climax of sweet love – I won’t go that far but there are definitely similarities between the two activities. Similarities that are more and more relevant as we approach our first proper partner pairing.

I guess the fact that you have to have a partner is a good place to start. I mean you can go solo but the end result isn’t as good. You can also have several people involved but this can start to get confusing as we discovered in our creative orgies. Especially when you throw a Frenchie in the mix (the accent is sexy though).

Partners have to be able to unveil the contents of their mind without hesitation. Not doing this will mean you are inauthentic and the results will be less pleasing. Both activities are the best ways to get to know someone, all of them. So let me reveal more of my warped thoughts and desires…

Some of the best creative ideas come from the great outdoors, as do the best sexual experiences. I want to get out.

Sometimes you have to get rough. I want someone who will tell me when an idea isn’t working, but be willing to try before shooting me down. I also don’t want to be scared of hurting you.

We don’t have to love each other to have great ideas or sex. Though I think it definitely helps.

I want energy in a partnership. Paul Arden says it accounts for 75% of success. No time for deadwood or zombies.

Perseverance is also key, I don’t want to stop until we are completely satisfied.

John Clease says the perfect time to problem solve is 1 hour 30 minutes, just under my average time in bed.

I want to be leader and I want to led at times. I want to dominate and to be dominated. Roles need to be reversed to keep the relationship balanced.

Danger sex is exciting, as is flirting with a deadline.  

I want to be surprised. I want to see new tricks, and perform some myself, else things might get stale.

Ultimately I  want someone who shares some of my wild fantasy’s and dreams and can achieve them with me. 

If you think this is crass and repulsive that is fine, maybe we’re just not meant to be.

But I know someone out there doesn’t. 

A special someone.

The one xxx

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