NF bloody T’s

They’ve been a big hit since 2020 and many Gen Z and millennials have made millions off of these tiny JPG’s. I couldn’t get my head around it and I know a lot of people still can’t, even if you mention the name NFT to some people they look at you like “uh?” it’s hard to think that a JPG, 300 pixels by 300 pixels can sell for millions! But then I came to this analogy that sums NFT’s up a bit easier for people to understand and to see why they sell for that much money. It’s pretty much a shock in an art form, that‘s it. 

So seeing as I sell art I thought f*ck it! Let’s have a go at this. I’m currently getting all the layers drawn up so I can then put them into a generator to make 5,000 unique pieces, oh and my project is called Square Heads just to let you know (See gif attached) clean street type art, just like my original pieces that I paint. I’ve hit up a few investors that are already onboard to push these on all platforms, so let’s see how they do. Square Heads Club dropping soon on Opensea!!! 

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