Seraphim – Sicily

Another extract from a chapter in the story. Hope you enjoy Merry Christmas!

“It was around five thousand years ago on the island of Sicily; I was set on the edge of a cliff. There was a refreshing breeze that made the tall grass dance behind me. You could hear the breeze through the grass as if each blade of grass was a member of an orchestra, all singing in harmony as they danced together. The sky had barely a cloud in sight. The blue hue that engulfed the sky merged seamlessly with the sea next to the cliff. It seemed to go on forever past the horizon. The Sun at its apex dominated the sky you could feel its power and authority and all you could do was busk in its warmth. The day was a pleasant one on the surface, no chaos. 

Loud chants could be heard faintly at first but growing in strength, beneath the cliff. The beach was Stoney, jagged and uneven. A place where people wouldn’t come to lay and relax or enjoy the sun. The water seemed to hit this part of the beaches edge a bit rougher. There were large stones piled up into a mound shape a few metres from the cliffs wall. The stones themselves were discoloured from the surrounding area. They were torched, burned and blackened from soot. It was a pyre. The chants became louder and louder, and I knew exactly where they where headed. The crowd came into view. They were dancing laughing; you could mistake the crowd for a carnival or travelling circus, but it wasn’t that. I knew why I was there, and it wasn’t to party. “Burn her, rid us of her wickedness oh great Apollo” the crowd cheered. They were out for blood”, D finally paused. He stood up shook his body to unkink any knots. He cracked his neck then flared his wings, then sat back down and continued.

“The crowd reached the pyre and now you could see their expressions and hear their vileness. They were pushing and shoving someone they had surrounded. Their overbearing bodies covered any view of whoever they were tormenting. You could hear cries. “Please stop, anyone please help me!” a voice shouted but was drowned out by the crowd. The crowd was moving someone through the crowd until finally they became visible” D paused again took in a deep breath exhaled and continued. “It was a little girl, no older than seven. Now I am no stranger to humans and their rituals and always turning to sacrificing people. In the name of whatever god, they worship and for their crop to bear good harvest. Maybe I’d just had enough and was bored but this irked me, and I couldn’t let this happen…so I didn’t”, D paused again.


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