Let’s just – By Max Lom-Bor

By Max Lom-Bor


Let’s just


“Let’s just”. The two most creativity crushing words we can utter. They carry overwhelming power. An admittance of defeat, of lethargy, negativity triumphing over dedication and resilience. They give licence to relax during the highest points of intense pressure. They are the excuse and the enemy. These two little words dilute a brilliant piece of thinking into a slapdash collage, an amalgamation of your half arsed efforts, presented with bells and whistles. It can turn your craft into a mere vehicle of expression that is so far removed from the personality of your core thought. It can make or break the credibility of your communication. These two words offer a ‘get out of jail free’ card, a cigarette, a spliff, a beer, a literal rebellion running from the fear of overwhelming responsibility. They shy away from self criticism and objective analysis of your own work. How are they so affirming, so comforting? So devilishly persuasive. They require two people, a pair of heads that compromise their art to indulge in momentary procrastination.

“Let’s just” represents every time I’ve said no. Every time I’ve let rebellion reign. Every time I’ve fluffed and flowered my way through life without pushing for better and more. They embody the concept of good over great. The arrogance fronting a flimsy concept that is flawed. They represent the voice of the acidic inner conscience that is ever-present, lurking in the depths. Of course they’ll tell me I’m good enough when I’m not, they say I’ve tried my hardest and that’s all that matters. They are complacent, pathetic and tell me I owe it to myself to take time out. A mothers voice, an irritatingly persuasive socialite invite. The announcement of settlement before honest interrogation.

We can fight till the final whistle. We may go on unhappy with the presentation of our labor, but with confidence, integrity. In the knowledge that we were brave enough to remove our ego and accept improvement. I firmly believe you can always polish a turd, I’ve learnt how to. But the bravest among us recognise when a turd is a turd, and follow through.

If we can dismiss “let’s just”, we grow stronger, through admitting weakness.

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