Let’s Start from the Beginning!

2 years ago I was working in an experiential marketing agency in Mumbai. I was a copywriter with almost no experience but was fortunate enough to meet and make merry with some fantastic mentors, a super talented team and some horror show clients. I worked on both ultra-rural and hyper-urban briefs, we jokingly called our work Ruban.

Before I moved to London, I decided not only to research the agencies but also the creatives in the UK’s advertising industry. The SCA alumni were everywhere! Mother had them, BBH had some and Ogilvy had grabbed a few too.

What I then discovered was something better than a placement, I discovered a way of life. A creative community honing award-winning creatives with skills and potential beyond the realm of advertising.

I decided that I needed to experience working in the UK first and upskill too. I was placed on furlough for most of my tenure with an Experiential Agency in London. Thanks to Covid 19 (Yes, I can’t believe I’m saying this!), I found the time and motivation to pivot to art direction. I had been a closet art director for a while, I finally decided to smash out of the closet and hone skills I’ve always admired my peers for having. Now, I’m freelancing as a graphic designer and it’s quite a challenge.

So, am I excited or worried about starting school in September? I think I’ve got the best of both.

I’m excited to learn from Marc and the mentors, excited to rub shoulders with some potential collaborators and competitors. I’m excited to unlearn and relearn new techniques and applications while rekindling the passion and discipline that goes into making an outstanding creative. I’m also delighted to further explore Brixton’s culture and charisma.

What am I worried about? All of the above and everything I can’t anticipate. The lack of anticipation is exciting too! Can’t wait to see how I react, fail, learn from it and bounce back.

How am I preparing for this mammoth escapade?

I’m keeping it simple. I’ve started with research as a strong foundation. The letter from Marc has been extremely helpful in setting guidelines and a roadmap.

The project briefs have got me thinking of concepts and programs that can be used for optimal success and keeping the creative real. Since I’ve picked up After Effects, I feel like a bit of a deity. I have the power to create new worlds and conjure virtually anything within my growing skills and aptitude.

I’m out and about exploring the fine arts as well, getting inspired and a bit jealous. I’m also making sure that I take a few days off and enjoy this quintessential English summer (I can’t bear the rain anymore!).

In conclusion, I’m really enjoying myself. I’ve never treated working in the industry as a job. It has always been a test of character that pays you in peanuts and unfathomable pride.


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