Letter to Sir John Hegarty and maybe the Queen – By @CameronTurnerL1

Letter to Sir John Hegarty and maybe the Queen

Please read this from the perspective of a 19 year old man genius… just kidding….protege….I’m kidding again….. really I’m humble…. My humour is just the opposite of self deprecation which I just googled and have found that it is self aggrandizing . If you are a very literal person this scab may not be for you.

I’m going to write this scab in a loose stream of consciousness that I will try to make as interesting as possible.

New topic or original topic:

Marc talks about networking and being on peoples lists all the time.

However I can’t help but feel like sending a Christmas card to someone who has just taught us a short lesson over zoom may lead to me being put on the wrong list. The naughty list…….yes….. terrrrrrrrribbbbblllllleee joke.

These are the potential thoughts of John Hegarty when he receives my hypothetical Christmas card that I may or may not be in the process of writing.

  1. Wow he really listened and he went and acted ‘first’, this kids great let’s give him a job.
  2. Wait a minute How did this kid get my address.
  3. Or I need to tell all the mandem (Mandem meaning other males and females I am friends with) about this kid because they may have gotten cards too.
  4. Phone call “ Rosie did you get a card” —— Rosie replies “ ye but he sent me two”
  5. John Hegarty looks away for a minute into the distance before regaining his ice cool composure.

There are no other alternative reactions… I went through them all ……. No……there are only 5……..I’m telling you these are the Reactions of Mr Hegarty to my card.

New thought on Sir John Hegarty being Knighted

I imagine Sir John Hegarty has many Mandem (once again Mandem is an abbreviation for very close friends and or acquaintances). According to google BBH has 1000 employees, so just of that Sir John Hegarty has a lot of Mandem.

I’m assuming this because in order to be Knighted you have to be good at networking as-well as being dedicated to your craft. Now I also wonder if being knighted was a goal of Sir Hegarty. When Mr oops Sir Hegarty receives my Christmas card  I’ll ask him some serious stuff about knighthoods and adverts…

Also Sir John Hegarty`s famous quote is ‘do interesting things and interesting things will happen to you`

I can honestly say that if I do send him a Christmas card and he receives it that would be pretty interesting.

This thought lead me to another thought…..and what is a scab really without a loosely coherent stream of consciousness. 

Marc often talks about having goals in SCA and I think a lot of people in the class thought about what countries they want to go to and the agencies they want to work for.

 I also thought of those things……. but my mind did immediately jump to a snap shot of me on the cover of GQ with the caption `advertising’s youngest Creative Director takes London by storm`. But then I thought what would John Hegarty do, to be completely honest I don’t know he gave a small talk to the class but I’m gonna go ahead and assume a couple times early on in his carrier he thought to himself  “ Young creative Mr Hegarty gets Knighthood” looks pretty good in the news. 

 Oh yeah here are all my socials. I’m going to be real with you if you’ve made it this far down the scab you might as-well follow them just in case I get Knighted or get on the cover of GQ. So here is my instagram where I document stuff I find interesting in  SCA classes:


And here is the one I created when I was very young and I am now kind of confused as to what to do with it so it’s just a highlight reel of when I’ve had a tan. Plus its a cool name :


Oh yeah if in 20 years and GQ or the queen read’s this then I’ve made it .

 If I almost made but fell out favour with the public and the daily mail is reading this to get dirt.

Fuck you daily mail or whatever kind of weird streaming media service has taken their place in the future. Also If the daily mail is talking about me I must be doing some interesting stuff in the future…..

Thank you for reading this the whole way through. You the reader… have a good day. Winter is coming, make sure you don’t take yourself too serious and also have a great Christmas.

P.s. I’m 100% serious about the card and GQ.

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