Your personal favourite use of OOH?

By John – The SCA Intake of 2017/18




Your personal favourite use of OOH?


Christian: March for giants is my favorite, due to the scale of it. OR barncancer fonden with their train DOOH, I wish I made that.


Philly: Carlsberg beer billboard


Sara: BA Look Up – old but still bloody clever


Holly: Smart Ideas for Smart Cities


Becky: The Economist ‘Big Idea’ lightbulb.


Jem: Today I saw a Pepsi can stuck in the bit between the up and down escalators at Oxford Circus tube station. It was spinning and making a funny noise and everyone who went past looked at it. It was better than Kendall Jenner.


Helena: The British Airways “Look Up”, that’s one I wished I made. Especially cause it’s not in your face technology.


Ben: 3M’s bulletproof glass. It’s product demonstration as a stunt. Undeniably great.


Poppy: ‘Oops’ by o2 was super simple. Loved it.


Rachel: Have a smooth Valentines day for Wilkinson Sword.


Twyla: The McDonalds sundial by Leo Burnett


Holly: The Breath Test by AMV BBDO and Cancer Research UK


Gary: Reebok ZPump 2.0 speed cam


Susie: Lucozade interactive billboard set up in Manchester. That looked fun.


Joe: Not generally a fan of OOH, but loved the spotify campaign. Music plays such an integral part to communities, and just loved the use of data.


Adeline: Xbox Survival billboard, from McCann. Also the only thing that made terms and conditions cool as a poster. And made me read more than 800 words in an ad.


Nick: Newcastle Brown Ale ‘who says chalice?’


Pietro: Fearless girl statue in New York for State Street Global Advisors: such an art piece!


Helena: The Bruised Woman by WCRS.


Steve: This for ANAR Foundation from Grey Spain:


Martin: The adidas sponsored playground next to my house in brixton. Not a classic OOH ad, but it still is a very relevant place to put the brand.


Darius: George Lois for Hilfiger. Interactivity before ‘interactivity’.




Henry: Paul Belfords Economist Lightbulb


Melina: Fearless girl, McCann


Meg: Kitkat have a break… the half finished board


Dan: There was this condom campaign that drew condoms on graffitied knobs


Phil: pretty certain I’ve missed this.



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