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Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak


Love is the answer

In the start of the year (or maybe even on some interview days) Marc told us that one of the things he is looking for in future Intake students is obsession, which he described as being highly interested into things and get easily passionate about them. 
I didn’t understand it at the time, but I just might cracked the code and got a sense of why getting attached to the problem or in love to the brand could mean producing better work. 
On the plane to London, in the start of the week, I watched a TEDx talk which led me back to this question. In it, Mileha Soneji first explains story a story about her uncle, in her childhood front man of every family gathering, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Watching how he lost his magic and stepped back in the society made her wanting to make his life better. After introducing some really clever solutions she made for him, she ends her talk saying, that empathy and curiosity lead to simple solutions in everyday life. —> link to the video:
I’m sure her drive for doing it wasn’t just talking on a TEDx stage in Netherlands, but I think it was solving a problem that she took personally through empathising with her uncle.  
Thinking of this, I realised that two problems I wanted to solve with future lions entry were both personal to me through empathising with friends and family.
Furthermore, when combining portfolio with Matt, I realised that the only campaign I want to keep and solve by the end of the year, is a brand that I have deep understanding of and I worked a lot on it in the previous job. 
After Matt showed me a new brand he wants to work on, which relates to his personal life as well, it made it all clear.
You need LOVE.
You can call it attachment, interest, fun, … but I’ll call it love. 
When you love someone you care about things he / she is going through, you want him / her to get a job he deserves and you would do whatever it takes to help him / her on the way. 
After being briefed by ADCAN and Bisi this week I think none of us will have a problem with relating ourselves to the problem, but how can we relate to the problem of a brand we never had personal encounter with?
I haven’t found an answer, but I created my own:
As much as I sometimes don’t like research I see it as dating. 
Dating as a real Old School dating, when persons spent time together just to know each other better. 
Some of best campaigns came out of factory visits and using the product, when they found a truth about the brand that made them all fall in love with the idea.
My point and note to myself is that making ourselves open to new knowledge and sometimes digging for reasons to love brands and their problems will give us empathy with drive to solve it and will hopefully result in jobs, awards, money, happiness, proud moms or whatever it is that you are looking for.

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