Make Original Shit Happen 

Nina Beyers




By @1CuriousGiraffe

unknownThat’s what MOSH is all about this year. A reason behind Marc’s choice about accepting us at SCA, apart from good looks, is because we all have a range of different interests and creative outlets other than advertising. But recently I feel like advertising has taken over. I realised the other day that I haven’t picked up my film camera, a paintbrush or printed a T-shirt in weeks. So I thought what a better opportunity to print one than for my SCAB.The great thing about our group is that we all have different creative interests and outlets. Dan is into photography, Georgia writes poetry, Ash documents ballsy acts, Larry directs films, Joel is into motorbikes, James writes novels and Tom E.B experiments with an Australian accent. We all do different exciting creative activities and although we all freakin’ love advertising, it’s important to let off some creative steam in other ways. But also to do stuff just… well… ’because’. And if nothing else, maybe this T-shirt will help get our toaster and microwaves back.
So if anyone wants to learn how to use a photography darkroom or print a rambling SCAB on a T-shirt then YES let’s do it.

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