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By @SW16_Moriarty


Remember when you were unwell and had to stay home from school? Remember how awesome it was?

Sure there was the whole being sick bit, but when all was said and done, most of the day involved watching cartoons and sooner or later your mum would bring you some chicken soup (or was that just the Jews?)

But today, as I sit at home suffering from the manliest man flu since The Rock sneezed out a bicep; it’s not quite how I remembered. For one, my housemates can’t make chicken soup, and none of our saucepans are clean anyway… More surprisingly though, I’m bored. I tried fitting in a marathon of easy-comedy but found pretty soon I wasn’t focusing. I had a brief nap which worked wonders, but when I woke up I found myself jotting down ideas on how to get more ventilation into a windowless studio, not trying to figure out why my throat no longer hurt but for some reason, my tongue now did.

And I reckon that’s the point.

I used to love doing nothing, it was brilliant, and even when feeling like crap, it wasn’t so bad as I had a legitimate excuse to lounge about doing as little as I wanted. But with my new SCA hat on there’s just too many things grabbing my attention, as long as I’m doing something I might find some inspiration. I even found myself watching a half hour lecture on Classical Mechanics by Dutch physicist Walter Lewin because I thought there might be something in it that would give me ideas on how to…well, I don’t know, but maybe something great!

I guess an inactive mind is a creatives worst enemy or something profound like that.

Either way, cheers Marc, in just three and a bit weeks you’ve ruined my ability to enjoy doing nothing. If I’m still feeling crap tomorrow I blame you!

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