McScab – By @MattJDKennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matthew Kennedy


Following yesterday’s tweetfest, it got me thinking about the McWhooper which was raised during our discussion on plagiarism. 


So I thought it might be good practice to analyse some advertising (more PR I suppose).


The McWhooper.  


Everyone has been getting on McD back.  But if I was a betting man.  Let me rephrase.  If I had some money to bet.  I would bet BK knew McD would say no to its proposal and also knew they were likely to win no matter what.  


Otherwise BK would have approached McD privately and months in advance of world peace day.  Not a few weeks before.  BK attacked McD.  


If McD accepted BK’s proposal they would have been known as the sheep – the one that went along with someone else great idea.  McD 0, BK 1


If McD rejected (as they did) BK proposal they would be known as the part poopers – more interested in themselves than world peace.  McD 0, BK 1


BK attacked the enemy.  In fact as I’m typing I’m getting angry about it.  BK are the enemy in this tale, not MD .  They jumped on world peace day with a PR stunt designed to kill the enemy. There was nothing peaceful about it, no intention of peace.  Business strategy numero trois from Marcs chat the other day.


So what should have McD done? 


They should have attacked back.  With a counter proposal that BK would not want to accept.


That way if BK rejected. McD 1, burger King 0.


BUT if BK accepted.  McD 1, BK 1.  World burger peace is reality.  Why?  Because it was BK original idea (0-1) and McD built on it (1-1).


The learning I take from this analysis?  


That ideas are better when shared and built on. Be that with an individual partner or a larger group.  Peace and harmony prevails when all parties play a part.


So share your ideas.   Don’t feel bitter when the original idea isn’t yours.  Build on it, make it better and we all win.


Obviously this is all an opinion and I don’t really know what I’m talking about.   But you knew that already.


*150 words remaining.  So I’ll talk about…showers.  I’ve keep getting told that the shower is the best place for ideas.  And yet I’ve failed to have a single idea in the shower.  When I’m in the shower I think about how well I slept; about how I will get out of the shower without soaking the floor and getting shouted at; about why I don’t have ideas in the shower and everyone else does; about why the shower is leaking into the downstairs flat;  about how I’m going to fix the leaking shower; about when I’m going to fix the leaking shower; about how much it is going to cost.  Fuck the shower is stressful.  I must fix the shower.  Why must I fix the showers? So then I can have ideas in the shower.  Or prove that it is in fact I load of toss.  There you go 150 words nailed, a mess defined and a problem solved.  What a productive ramble. 

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