Method in the madness – By @MattJDKennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matthew Kennedy


Method in the madness


I would like to think I have embraced tasks at SCA with a certain amount of energy and determination. But I admit, I’ve not done this with all tasks.  I’ve questioned some.  Mr Biscuit for example or drawing my feelings with my eyes closed whilst stood against the wall.  

I was itching to start the ‘real’ work. Thinking, we have 10 months, I’ve quit my job, I haven’t time. But thankfully I’ve realised I was wrong.
Perhaps it’s just the placebo effect but I feel like I’m thinking differently.  For example I was writing some SMPs over the break and my output was much higher than when we started. Not necessarily of a higher quality I might add but can’t win them all!
Then comes the task of ‘things I wish I had done’. This has been a very important learning for me.  MOSH’ers from last year kept telling me to make sure I did work that was me. That kind of confused me if I’m honest ‘…surely any work produced by me is me.’ Clearly I was thinking too literally. Well move over literal there’s a new dog in town.
I now understand what they meant. This task has helped inform the type of work I would like to produce. Work that is a reflection of my personality. 
So hold tight for 8 months worth of hyper-superbly intelligent, extremely good looking… and annoyingly sarcastic work fellow Coup’ers. 
And keep the faith. There is method in the madness. I think. 

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