Middle Journey Reflection – By @Antonio_line_

By Antonio Castellano


Middle Journey Reflection

So here we are, half of the journey. And, right in the middle, my vibes are changing, my view is changing, I am changing. The first part of the course was the dive into SCA. The amazingly crazy world, full of unique people, creative rules and unstable emotions. I was there to find myself. I was a product designer, into comic drawings. I was very good at finding the (emotionally) perfect presents for my friends. That’s it. I had a creative energy but I wasn’t sure where and how to focus it. So I joined the crew.


It was beautifully difficult for several reasons: new country, new language, new culture. It took me a bit to understand British people, to not feel sad for their actions and reactions, to not miss my country anymore. It was always a challenge to prove to all of them I was a nice person, a good art director, a great thinker. I strongly felt the need to prove them I deserved a place in SCA, to prove to my favorite copywriters I was good. Like everyone, I also felt the pressure to find the right partner. Oh my God, I felt completely under the gun. I spoke to mentors and they really helped me on that. Thank you very much guys.


Then everything clicked. I worked with the right partner and I’ve just flown. Finally. He’s guided me and also, simply, he gave me the time to do properly my part too. And he gave me the most important thing, the energy that makes you work all day and night long. Motivation. And we just smashed it.


After the hardest and the best week in SCA, my vision has changed completely. So, now, here I am, in the middle of the journey with my main goal of the school achieved. I proved everyone what can I do and I also have the feeling that I have found my partner. Now my new goal is to have the best portfolio and being one of the best team out of SCA.

I aim to be hired straight in Droga5.


But I’m used to the school and I know how things can go here. Literally, during the last 6 months, there were days when I cried for the frustration. The day after I cried for happiness, the day after, I cried for sadness. It’s simply the most emotionally unstable experience. Everything can change completely in a blink of an eye. I know. I am aware of that. So maybe he won’t be my partner, maybe the worst has yet to come, but surely I feel I’ve proved everyone I’m good enough and I completely deserve my place in SCA. Maybe even just for a week, but I stood out. And for me it is enough to have and keep the confidence.


During the first half of the journey, the lack of it made me walk.

In the second half, the presence of it will make me fly.

The copy scores 82.6 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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