Rhythm – By @sthomasgb

Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas




As a team, we currently have a book that predominantly targets young, white, middle-class, men, from London, who like football, have a penchant for pizza, and are top lads.


Unfortunately however, the majority of the population of Great Britain aren’t fortunate enough to be top lads, and secondly, don’t fulfill the rest of those criteria.


So we need to work on that.


Ben Priest also nailed it in his talk on Monday. He said that if you get locked into a tone or rhythm, you get pigeon holed as a team, and then you won’t flourish.


You’ll get the same old briefs and you’ll stagnate.


So in order to work on that, we’re going back to personas. Something we learned way back in the first half of term one.


We’ve neglected it for a while, but we need to use it more.


Put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. Think like them, behave like they would. Then you’re more likely to get a sense from what their goals are, and what they would respond to.


So there you go. Don’t get locked into a monotonous rhythm.

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