Work Smarter, You idiot – By @NihalTharoor

Nihal Tharoor-Menon

By Nihal Tharoor-Menon



Work Smarter, You idiot


I don’t believe I’ve ever had so many spinning plates and juggling balls in motion in my life.


Things are intense. But this is a very different intense from D&AD.


In those weeks I put my sight towards a pencil and nothing else.


I allowed my other work to suffer but felt confident that D&AD was worth prioritizing.


Well, now things are not so simple. Now all briefs are created equal, and they all need our equal love and attention.


At the moment we have an amazing charity brief from Adcan, two juicy briefs from AMV and Haygarth, an awe-inspiring political mission from a Nigerian activist, and an opportunity to grow independent businesses in Brixton.


They are all brilliant opportunities to do real work.


Alongside this we have our agency book crits, and of course, developing new campaigns to transform our portfolios.


At SCA we are taught the importance of working smarter not just harder.


Planning our days precisely so we cover all bases and deliver great, considered work to all our clients.


I have always accepted the importance of this but have struggled to implement it into my daily routine.


These last few weeks have been a wake up call.


I know I need to smarten up if I am to catch all these plates and balls before they come crashing down.


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