Millionaire Match Maker Craving – By @kenosharose

By Rachel Morris


Millionaire Match Maker Craving

Choosing a partner is a big deal right? Well, this is a scab written for those of you in the future who are going to be where I am a year from today who are dealing with the pressure of the room to try and find the one.

Real quick – they don’t have to be the one forever. It’s not fair to expect one partner to be all you want forever. We all change and grow. Things happen. There are people in the industry now who have had 12 partners.

I am in the last 5 weeks of the course – scary. And I’m looking for a partner. So instead of letting the crippling fear that I might have wasted another year of my life in education & also added another 10k+ to my 50k amount of debt to fail – I’ve decided to be proactive. This means contacting anyone and everyone to see if they know any copywriters or hybrids. Contacting all of the other schools and getting a single creatives ad out there & attending events. I did each of these things 2 weeks back and had 7 coffee dates in the first week. Here’s to hoping one of them goes well! I need to get ahead.

But aside from all of that, I’m trying to remain calm. If I don’t, I won’t be able to escape it. And to be honest, if people from last year can partner up in the last 2 weeks and get placements then so can I and so can you. Deep breaths.

If it turns out your partner isn’t in the room, do not doubt yourself. I’ve been far too friendly with self-doubt and my esteem seems to have run away. Try and see that not having a partner in the room as good news. It means you can crack open the window and get something fresh. And always remember that shit happens, when you least expect it. Teams break up, teams makeup and sometimes singles emerge stronger. Just take the time to constantly be improving yourself. And making yourself ready. That’s what I’m trying very hard to do.

And for people who are in a partnership: as soon as you feel that the person across from you isn’t right to take a deep breath & then take action. Being a single is hard, but so is working with the wrong person.

As soon as you feel your partner isn’t in the room, GO CRAZY.

Just kidding, but again don’t do what I did. Don’t wait until the last 7 weeks. Jump. Straight. In. SEARCH & promote yourself, show anything you’ve done,  be absolutely honest with everyone. And be honest in what you need and want in a partner. Try not to settle because the pressure is pushing you to become desperate.

I made the mistake of not showing what I can really do, I didn’t shout about the things that I have done. Many reasons behind it, but none of them good enough. It just leads to people doubting you, you doubting yourself or worse just not remembering you. Don’t do that. Because people will just see it as excuses.

And lastly, own who and what you are.


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