The Six Bajillion Dollar Men – by @robinsanderson


By Robin Sanderson


The Six Bajillion Dollar Men

When creative operatives Rob Sanderson and Marco Spinelli are severely injured in the explosion of an experimental pizza photobooth, they are rebuilt by the advertising intelligence agency SCA in an operation that costs six bajillion dollars.


Their hands, eyes and pre-frontal cortices are replaced with bionic implants that enhance their creativity, wit and insight far above human norms. They can scamp at speeds of 60 mph (97 km/h), and each eye has a 20:1 zoom lens that can spot a crap brief from 15 miles away.


To harness these exceptional powers, Director of Operations at SCA, Dr. Marc Lewis, provides his bionic subjects with access to the most advanced advertising technology known to man: “Le Grand”- the world’s largest outdoor digital screen.


Broadcasting atop Le Grand hotel during the Cannes Lion International Festival, Rob and Marco engineer a master plan to engage the highest ranking agents of creativity from around the world, and demonstrate to them the power of having SCA technology on your side.


We have the technology.


We can rebuild you.

To be continued…

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