Money, money, money @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst
For one of our 5 Christmas assignments, we have to do something we had never done before. I combined the task with spending time with my friends back in Austria, by going to the Casino in Salzburg.
I’ve never been before, which seems like a mistake because it was fun. Not only playing games but watching the fascinating characters in such an environment. 
First of all, I have to advertise Austria a little bit. If you ever consider visiting Austria, Salzburg is a must-do. You can find beautiful old buildings everywhere. Also, the Casino is located in an old castle out of the 17th century. The first impression is amazing, you are welcomed by an endless tree-lined road and it the end is standing an astonishing castle lighted in purple. 
Even if you don’t play you have pretty ceilings and wall decorations to watch everywhere. To me, it seemed like a different world. 
Soon I discovered the different stations and who is playing there. 
There are the gaming machines with lonely house wifes. Each sitting on there own with a cocktail. No joke every single woman had a cocktail. They didn’t want to talk very obviously. Just putting a coin after coin in the machines. 
The complete opposite is the roulette tables. People enjoyed standing beside it in a large group. Everybody followed the little white ball with sparkling eyes. It was exciting to watch. And it was way more casual than a blackjack table. Over half an hour two women in their 70es stood next to us. This couple was better than any comedy show. Acting like two teenage girls going to a club. 
Spending a tone of money and watching out for hot guys at the same time. Just hilarious. Also more uplifting than the other games. There was this moment when a whole family walked in, and the mother backed on zero and won. Everybody was happy for them; although she had no idea what she was doing.
The interesting fact was that there are also digital versions of roulette available. I guess for the lonely people who didn’t want to interact with others. The same phenomenon as with the gaming machines, lonely house wifes with a cocktail. Each playing on their own. Don’t get me wrong I don’t judge; these are just my observations.
I only played roulette, but I also watched the blackjack people. It seemed like a middle section between poker and blackjack. At the poker table, everybody was dead serious. Nobody spoke. Not so at blackjack, more couples, more talk.
These different games are only a part of my observations; there were so many strange characters in the room. The evening was totally worth it. Way more interesting than a shopping centre. By the way, I did this once at my former job. Analysing the differences between the brands, also a world on its own.
Nonetheless, I didn’t win any money; I have three personas from the evening now. Not worth money, but I’m sure I will use them one day.

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