Munraj’s Hierarchy of Needs – By @MunrajSC

By Munraj Chawla


Munraj’s Hierarchy of Needs


Above is a rudimentary visual representation of Abraham Maslow’s thoughts about what motivates human behaviour. Having spoken to my sister, who’s currently working towards being a doctor of psychology, I’ve reflected on what my hierarchy of needs are whilst at the SCA. 

Physiological needs:

I need rest. So, so much rest. I’ve had the Sleep Cycle app on my phone since before I was at SCA, which sadly means I am able to track my increasing lack of sleep since I started here. Last week I worked out that I slept, on average, 3 hours a night (a number boosted by the 12 hour snooze I had on Friday night/Saturday morning). Food, water and warmth are all great and I love that Sainsbury’s is so close to our studio in Brixton, but dear god I just need rest. 

Safety needs:

My security needs are purely financial. Before SCA I was working 7 days a week, doing 12 hour shifts from 11AM to 11PM, to try and save enough money to attend. The plan was to save enough for one term and then figure it out as I went along. Fortunately for me, Marc granted me a scholarship a few days before we started and I didn’t have to stress as much about money. My goals now are to create an amazing book that lands me a really high-paying job. 

Belongingness and love needs:

My girlfriend will argue that I should have no other needs than her and that she is at the pinnacle of Maslow’s pyramid diagram. I have a less insane view. However, in regards to SCA, time to see friends and family is limited as you try to juggle between improving your craft, pushing yourself further etc. and having any semblance of a social life. I think an honest to God truth about SCA is that it will test your relationships with people outside of the course. Do I wish I had more time to see other people and forget about SCA for a while? Of course. Also to rest. God I need rest. 

Esteem needs:

For me, feelings of accomplishment are difficult to measure right now. I don’t expect to be worthy of a job or a CREAM winning book at this present moment. Setting SMART goals has been really helpful in giving me small, achievable targets to work towards. The book crit scores every two weeks are helpful in reaffirming to me that I am progressing. I hope that I’m able to keep that up and also progress faster, the more work I put in. 

Self-actualisation needs:

This one is a little more existential. What does it mean to achieve my potential? What even is my potential?! I know getting into SCA is, in itself, evidence that Marc at least thinks I have potential to do great work. In my head, I have both the ego of a man who believes he’s destined to create work that will change the world and an imposter syndrome that has me questioning whether Marc meant to give my place to another turban-wearing applicant. 

N.B. My girlfriend would like to reiterate that she is at the top of my hierarchy of needs.


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