Music makes a moment – By @BeckDunn3

Music makes a moment

Music can make such a difference.

I’ve noticed this a lot with portfolio briefs, some people would argue the backing track doesn’t matter too much but I disagree, everything has the right song. I would love to say that I’m not influenced by the music behind a tune, but I think it subconsciously plays a part. Adapting well known songs that fit the idea works so damn well.

I think the importance of music has been and will be prevalent throughout my time at SCA.

How could it not be, every morning we start the day off with 3-5 minutes of Marc’s selected songs to get us ready for kick off. I’d say 3/5 times I like the song and have even added a few to my playlist.

It’s mad to think that our bodies work at different levels depending on what we listen to. When I was at University it was the classic episode of loving drum and bass, which transferred into my workouts as well. But the SCA requires less physical energy and more mental, therefore shaping my taste in music from when I started.

I now listen to an eclectic mix and mash of various genres. My favourite right now is contemporary Latin music; imagine Post Malone but in Spanish. I’ve got some absolute tunes that I could highly recommend. It’s a funny thing actually, being able to recite the words of a song in a language that I know essentially nothing of. The same can be said of my interest for modern French music, such as Bon Entendeur, combined with old songs I listened to in school when I was young.

However, the big shift for me is moving from hip hop into classical music. I would say I play Ludovico Einaudi every-day. I never thought I would be into this sort of music in my life, I remember fondly associating it with old people and musky living room smells. Guess that must be my life now.

My advice to other people with music is to fully go out of your comfort zones, I find it quite useful when working. I’m always aware when I’m in ‘flow’ when I have music on, but I can’t hear it. I love it actually. Of course, the occasional tune sends electro-impulses through my body and I can’t help getting caught up and start moving or mouthing along.

I think I’m still trying to figure out what’s right for me, as I assume everyone still is to an extent. Perhaps classical music helps me think more and thus relaxes, allowing ideas through. Sometimes getting my head down to craft with the Spanish radio on Spotify is what’s best for that moment.

I think it varies, day to day. I’m looking forward to seeing what my most played song of the year is, and how my taste has changed while at the school.

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